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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Baby - Las Cruces Newborn Photographer

Holy smokes. My best friend, since kindergarten, just had this beautiful baby boy. I had never photographed a newborn. It was a challenge. A challenge I hope to get more practice with! He is such a cutie. So blog world, here's my first attempt at Newborn photography.


Cute blond hair.


Grandma. Since having Melody I've gained a new appreciation for Grandma's. They rock. And make excellent babysitters.

Drum roll, please. Now introducing my favorite picture from the shoot.


How can you go wrong with baby feet? How can you go wrong with baby bum? You can't. Two points for me.

Oh Brianna, cherish each and every second. I can't believe Melody was this small once. Now she's about to go mobile. Holy smokes.