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“Elise has a way of putting people at ease and that made the whole experience even better. I had actually found someone else to take our engagement pictures, but then I saw Taylor’d Photography’s work and really loved it. I was impressed with Elise’s ideas and the way she could turn seemingly simple backdrops into beautiful photos. I also really appreciated her interest in making us as happy with our pictures as we possibly could be. It's easy to see that photography is a passion for her.” -Hilary, engagement session

“Why did I choose Taylor'd Photography? I wanted more for my buck, Sear's family portraits are very cliche in every aspect. Taylor'd Photo promised more. Instead of being in a studio with a back drop we could pick and choose a real natural environment for our own personality. For that reason Taylor'd Photography was the way to go.” –Jared, family session

“We were not very familiar with Las Cruces when making wedding plans last year. I found Taylor'd Photo online and loved the quality of the work and the price was affordable. After meeting Nate and Elise, I knew I wanted them to be a part of making our wedding memorable. They exceeded all my expectations. Our wedding pictures were absolutely amazing and had such a creative spark to them. Just the way Elise would arrange my veil or my dress or my flowers and tell my husband where to look...she knows what she's doing and you can tell she enjoys it. I would definitely recommend Taylor'd Photo to everyone!” -Lynne, wedding

“I chose to go with Taylor'd Photography because I was comfortable with Elise and confident she would do a good job. My expectations were way surpassed in that aspect. Not only was it fun to work with Elise but the product itself was incredible! The photo quality is excellent; the moving from place to place was novel and ingenious. It was overall a great experience.” -Lane, senior session

“I had been shopping around for a photographer in Las Cruces and El Paso for about two months before I came across Taylor'd Photography's website. I was immediately struck by the quality of work. What I admired most about the website was that it answered ALL of my questions before the initial consultation (without having to read the fine print). After speaking with Nate and meeting Elise (adorable couple, btw), it was a done deal. I really admire that Elise and Nate were always quick to respond to my questions and concerns, and that, notably, customer satisfaction was extremely important to them. I also want to say that it seems as though Elise did her "homework" when it came to our ceremony and reception site. She knew of every place to take a good picture, without holding up our guests. I have already referred a few couples to Taylor'd Photography!” – Nicole, wedding

“Elise has a flair for capturing priceless moments with her camera, including not only our special day, but the love and support of our family members being there for us. Many, many thanks to Taylor'd Photography!!” – Keisha, wedding