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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Books - Las Cruces Engagement Photographer

Lately I’ve been reading A LOT. Which is a great thing. I like this new habit. Last month I read “A Mountain of Crumbs” by Elena Gorokhova, which was endearing and historically interesting. Whew, good thing I am not a book critic. Anyway, I would recommend reading the memoir if you’re interested in Russian history.

This month I’m reading How I Planned Your Wedding: the all-true story of a mother and daughter surviving the happiest day of their lives by Susan Wiggs and Elizabeth Wiggs Maa. Are you thinking to yourself, “Where in the world does she find these random books to read?” Every Wednesday Melody and I go to the library for a baby story-time/playtime activity. We love it. While there I pick up a monthly library magazine that has reviews for all sorts of genres. I figured since I’m involved with weddings pretty often, and I like all the gooey wedding details, this would be a fun read.

So here’s a short enlightening excerpt about engagement photography written by the bride to be Elizabeth.

“The weekend he proposed, he scheduled a studio session with a photographer to capture the first blush of our engaged bliss. The engagement portrait is a relatively new phenomenon and from the outside it sometimes seems like an extension of the Hallmarketization of the wedding industry. I mean, really, what couple needs extra professional photos when they’re in the middle of planning what will be the most photographed day of their lives?

However, in my humble opinion, engagement portraits serve an important purpose. Picture your home. Now picture your walls papered with photos of you in a giant white dress. Now imagine that those are the only nice photos that exist of you and your honey.

It’s nice and all…but wouldn’t you like to have at least a handful of gorgeous photos with you and your partner looking a little less…bridal? As beautiful as you’re going to look on your wedding day, the inherently costumey nature of weddings isn’t the easiest thing to base an interior design scheme on. I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck don’t want to feel like I live inside an issue of Modern Bride.

There are other benefits to an engagement photo session, too. Those images will come in handy when you want to announce your engagement in your local newspapers, or when you’re designing your wedding website, or putting together your save-the-dates. And it’s also a great way to get to know your photographer so that you can feel completely comfortable around him or her on the day of your wedding.”