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Monday, January 17, 2011


Holy smokes, what happened to 2010!? 2010 was a fun year, Nate graduated, Melody joined our family, my brother returned from his mission, and I met some awesome folks through my photography. I'm not very good at this blog thing. So here is how I finished up 2010.

One of my closest friends got engaged and I was lucky enough to take her pictures. We had so much fun. These two are made for each other and kept each other laughing the whole time. I have a suspicion they'll keep each other laughing for a long time.


These kids were a blast. I always get nervous when I photograph kids. I want them to think I'm fun and have fun themselves. These kids were so excited to take pictures. I don't know what their parents bribed them with, but it worked.


I also get nervous when I photograph seniors too. They are so much cooler than me. After our sessions I always want to go update my wardrobe. I am so behind the times and would love to hire a personal shopper.




This couple was awesome! Who else would even humor me and attempt an American Gothic pose? That turned out to be my favorite picture from their wedding. And her dress was gorgeous!


Finished up the year with more family photos.


The sand was so so cold at White Sands. This little guy kept referring to it as "snow". I can't blame him. For a kid from New Mexico this is the closest thing to snow he's played in.


I've known Brianna since kindergarten. And now we both are parents. Crazy. This was my very first attempt at maternity photography. I'm pretty happy with the results. Pretty soon I'll post her son Jaxon's newborn pictures. He'll steal your heart.


So 2011 is really here. Even though I really don't like New Years Eve I am excited about a new year. Melody will turn 1 this year! I FINALLY graduate and am nervous/excited to have an exhibition of my work with other graduates at the end of the semester. Who knows what else will pop up this year. I can't wait to find out.