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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Burrito Boy - Las Cruces Family Photographer

Here's a family I recently photographed.


Stella contacted me and set up this session as a gift to her mother. How thoughtful! When the whole group got together they were excited to finally be taking family pictures. It's funny how taking the time to make family pictures is hard for a lot of busy families. So when Stella told me this was a gift for her mother I thought, "Now that's a smart gift that not only she will cherish but her grandkids as well." Pictures are precious.


These boys were awesome! The little one would not give up his breakfast burrito. For anything. Now here's a kid I can relate with. It's early morning and you've dragged me outside, you've got me dressed to match my brother, a strange lady keeps telling me to smile REAL BIG, and now you want my burrito? No way, Jose.

But who cares if the kid is holding a breakfast burrito? Right? Now his mom's got a great memory to share with him some day when they look back at this picture. My guess is his personality won't have changed much and he'll think to himself, "That's right, that's my burrito, baby."