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Monday, June 28, 2010

Las Cruces Photographer

Well the pregnancy has come and gone. Luckily, I can say that I really enjoyed it. Someone recently asked me, "What was the best thing about being pregnant?" For starters, veggies and fruits tasted out of this world. But ultimately, the building excitement of meeting my little one was the best.

I was able to keep myself busy during the 9 months. Here's some sessions I completed with a baby bump.

We had some fun times at White Sands National Monument.

A big family...

and a little family.

This couple has a sweet tradition of taking pictures before each deployment. From my family to yours, thanks for serving.

This couple has known each other for 20 years and just tied the knot!

There was an engagement...

and a wedding soon followed.

Somehow we survived this senior's session in freezing wind.

Not too shabby.