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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Las Cruces Family Photographer

My first photo session since having our baby was with this awesome family. They were such a joy to photograph and interact with. Here's a few of my favorites.

Candid moments are the best. They tell the real story. I love how this picture captures a silly moment. I was trying to convince them to jump in the air on 1...2...3!

Laughter. I'm convinced that this is what keeps our relationships glued together.

I have found the best trick to get someone to give me a REAL smile. Just say, "Okay, now don't I mean really don't smile." Gets them everytime.

Sometimes it's okay not to smile. Acting tough and cool is okay too.

One of my favorite "sisters" pictures ever. You know these two will be stealing clothes out of each other's closests for a long time.

Even though it was pretty hot (in the 100's that day) I had a blast hanging out with this family, making pictures.