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Monday, August 10, 2009

New Feature of Deliciousness

We've decided to embark on a new project with this blog. From henceforth, Mondays will feature a "Stuff Your Face" post. Nate and I will feature a new recipe we've made, one of our specialty meals, or our newest restaurant experience. Get ready for some awesome food. We don't mess around with our food, this is serious stuff. Serious, delicious stuff.

Warning: This post is not for vegetarians or those attempting to pursue diets.

First up: A fairly new restaurant to our area, The Ribcage. Their motto is, "The Best D@#* Barbecue, Period!" and I'd have to whole heartedly agree.

I chose to sample the Brisket. I picked the Mac 'n' Cheese and Corn Slaw for my two sides. Nate decided on a Pulled Pork sandwich, his personal favorite thing to order at BBQ joints. The meat was tender and the sauce was perfect, not too strong and not to be messed with.

While we were eating I made the remark, "This is REAL man food." Make of that what you will. In conclusion, if you are a carnivore you'll love this place!