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Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Prints!

Howdy Friends!

Today I stumbled across some fabulous deals! Many photo sites offer free prints when you sign up. Amounts vary from place to place and shipping fees apply. Posted below is a list of places you can check out. Since these free prints are generally the 4x6 size I love using these for scrapbooks or simple photo albums.

Walgreens has a photo coupon of $5 off orders over $15 or more. Simply enter coupon code "GRADFIVE". Of course that darn sales tax applies. This offer expires June 30th.

If you haven't ordered photos online, you gotta try it out. It is so darn simple. Upload, order, then either wait for the mailman, or pick them up at a local location, sometimes within an hour!

I haven't personally used any of the sites listed below, if you have reviews please share in the comments!
400 free 4x6 and 400 5x7 (think of all the possibilities!)
enter coupon code "FREE800"
I think you're limited to 100 of each a month
50 free prints
50 free prints
50 free prints
50 free prints
40 free prints by fujifilm
100 free prints
enter "PRINTS" coupon code
50 free prints
20 free prints
20 free prints
15 free prints
25 free prints
50 free prints
enter "WF95WF27" coupon code
50 free prints
16 free prints